Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

I registered for Oceanside as an excuse to visit my old roommate and good friend Jessica. Plus who wouldn't want to go to San Diego. It's perfect there! I however didn't think we were going to be stuck in a continuos winter vortex making training a nightmare here in DC. With that said I spent way to many hours on my trainer and was only able to do a handful of bike rides outside. Oh and motivating yourself to go run when it's in the teens and the feel like temp is even colder, yeah not fun. I'm not sure I will ever do a March 70.3 again. Training in the winter sucked. But at any rate I pushed through it and even though it wasn't my best training cycle I felt ready to race even though I wasn't expecting much.
This is a the first race that wasn't in driving distance to me. So, my bike made it there before I did since I used tri bike transport. I think it is a great service however I was disappointed that I actually couldn't roll my bike from their tent to my rack as advertised. We had to rack the morning of and they did not offer morning services. So a rental car it was. ugh. inconvenient
Anyhow, my friend lives in San Diego which is about an hour from Oceanside so we were out the door early the morning of the race. We made it there with plenty of time to spare. This is a two transition race so we set up our run stuff then rode our bike (about a mile) to T1 and the swim start. My wave started around 7:30 so I had some time to hang out. I basically wished Jason good luck since he started around 7 and then put my wetsuit on and ate the rest of my snacks. My big mistake of the morning. Not putting enough slide glide on my neck. OMG why did I make this mistake?
Swim: 1.2 miles, 36:40 (1:53/100m pace)
This was an in the water start, so we had to swim out to the first buoy. I liked this as the cold 60 degree water wasn't as big of a shock and it was nice to get used to it before the gun went off. I positioned myself in the middle near the buoys. Once started I couldn't find any open water and was getting stuck behind people swimming slower than me. Once I finally found some open space I felt pretty good. I've never done a swim in salt water before and I hated it. I'd accidentally sallow the salt water and gag and almost throw up. It was nasty. Other than the salt the water was calm and made for a good swim. After the turn around it seemed to take forever and I didn't think the swim was ever going to end. I also felt my neck rubbing after about 10 minutes in and knew I was going to have the biggest wetsuit hickey ever! But at that point there's not much you can do about it but try to swim faster to get out of the water faster so your neck can stop hurting. I was happy to be finished and had the volunteers help unzip the top part of my wetsuit.
T1: 3:51
It was somewhat a long run into T1 from the water on a little strip of carpet rolled out. I didn't waste anytime and off on the bike I went.
Bike: 56 miles, 3:01:19 (18.53mph)
Well this was my worst bike split ever, but I'm not surprised. The course itself had some climbs that I just wasn't expecting and some nasty head and cross winds. Out of T1 the first thing I did was drink lots of water to get all that nasty salt water out of my mouth. The first 20 miles or so were good and I think I was right around 20mph. I really was just enjoying the nice sunny weather and had a smile on my face. I was so happy to be riding outside and not freezing my ass off! There was some no pass zones and at every single one I got stuck behind someone going super slow.... 8mph on a flat? Come on. 20 mph down hill, ugh. 14mph the entire last mile. rage. Anyhow, some people were walking their bikes up the big climb. I was proudly going 4mph. lolz. After the big hills we faced terrible head winds from miles 30 - 40 or so. Maybe it was a false flat but I couldn't seem to go faster than 12 mph and my legs were burning. The last 10 miles of the course were great and I was clipping out around 22, that is until the last mile when I got stuck behind Mr slow poke and couldn't pass him. Overall I had fun on the course and was happy to be riding even if I was on the slow side.
T2: 1:55
Not sure what the hell I was doing in here. I fumbled around with both my bike and run garmins. Then I used the porta-potties. I just couldn't bring myself to pee on the bike. Maybe when I'm going after a 70.3 slot I'll pee on myself :)
Run: 13.1 miles, 1:50:48 (8:27 pace)
I was happy to be on my feet as I usually am. Once I'm out of the water and off my bike I know I can finish the race. It's was a two loop course that runs along the coast line then around a little neighborhood. It offers no shade. Just pretty palm trees and ocean views. It was hot but I felt great pretty much the entire first loop despite overheating and taking sponges at the aid stations. I kept telling myself I'm going to go sub 1:50. Woot. However, the second loop told a different story for me. I was taking coke, IM perform, and water pretty much at every aid station. I was really scared I was going to bonk like I did at my last ironman. No bonking but my stomach started giving me issues and I thought I might poo myself but I really didn't want to take the time to go. My miles got slower and it was hard to keep them in the high 8s. However, the time was still passing by quickly in my head and before I knew I could see the finish line. I put a smile on my face and tried to look pretty for my picture as I finished :)
Finish: 5:34:33 - 18th in my AG

Overall I had such a fun time at this race and am super excited now to race again. I loved CA and I loved there weather. This is def a great race to travel too! I also think it's kind of neat that I was 18th out of the water and finished 18th. I never changed spots! That's so strange. Anyhow, now to somehow shave 15 - 20 minutes off my time. Ha. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Race Schedule

I am almost registered for all my 2014 races!! Woot.
Here is my schedule:
2/23 ~ Love Rox Half Marathon (still need to register)
3/9 ~ St. Patrick's 8k (still need to register)
3/29 ~ Oceanside 70.3
5/4 ~ Monticelloman Olympic distance
5/18 ~ Cleveland half marathon
6/22 ~ Syracuse 70.3
7/12 ~ Muncie 70.3 (run leg only)
7/27 ~ Cleveland Tri (Olympic)
8/17 ~ Timberman 70.3
9/21 ~ Princeton 70.3

The rest of the yr... how knows? Fun local running races. 

Happy New Yrs All :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Surf-n-Santa 10 mile Race Report

I was registered for this race last year and couldn't do it for one reason or another so deferred my entry to 2013. I of course completely forgot I was even registered for this race but thought it would be a good excuse to visit my good friend Jill and just run it for fun. I had just about 4 weeks to get ready for 10 miles so I wouldn't completely die and be out of breath. I did an 8 miler, a 9 miler, back down to 8 miles, then it was race weekend. Quickest training cycle and tapper wrapped up into one, right?
When I woke up on race morning I was less than trilled to run, I mean this was for fun. Running in pouring rain with 30mph winds at about 40 degrees is not my idea of fun. Regardless we all got ready anyhow, got into the car and made our way to the VA Beach Convention center.
What's nice about this race is you can wait inside the building before the race start and the finish line and after party are actually inside! We waited as long as possible inside and headed to the start line/bathrooms about 10 minutes before race start. Both the 5k and 10 miler have the same start line so it was a crowded. I made my into the coral and just started a few feet back even though I wasn't planning on being super speedy.
Before I knew it I was crossing the timing mat and the race started. I had forgot my garmin at home, which wasn't too big of a deal and just had on my timex. Although it's been awhile since I have ran a race without my garmin and I was scared I would go out way to fast as I always seem too. As we crossed back over by the convention center I was half tempted to just do the 5k. It had just started raining again and it pretty much sucked. I of course kept running and saw the first mile marker of the day, mile 3. I hit this around 23 minutes. The pace felt ok so I just went with it. I was feeling fine but was dreading running back on the boardwalk. Straight on head wind! 

The next mile marker that I saw was mile 6. I hit this at about 46 minutes. However I was feeling like crap at this point. Miles 5-8 are ran on the boardwalk and the wind was kicking my ass. Everyone I was running around just started passing me. I couldn't keep up at all. I tried, I really did. I wanted to draft. The wind was awful, plus I was cold and wet. I thought I might cry. Those 3 miles seemed to take forever plus I saw no other mile marker. If I had to guess I was running an 8 something. Finally the end came. Thank god! As soon as got off the board walk it felt about 10 degrees warmer. I ran the next miles with a girl who said she was running around a 7:20 pace. I couldn't hold onto her the last half mile and saw her speed off.
I will say I was so happy when I was rounding the corner to run into the convention center and the finish line! I really wanted to be out of the cold!

Official Finish Time - 1:16:33 (7:40 pace) which was good for 4th in my AG.

I was happy with my overall time as I did zero speed work and really didn't put much work into this race at all. So yeah I wasn't expecting much. However I do wish I want just a pinch faster so I could have gotten 3rd. I'm sick of getting 4th. Anyhow, it was fun hanging out afterwards and having a beer :)